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Theatre : Aluva Matha
Showtime & Date : 6.15pm, 04-05-2013
Status : Balcony about 25%+, FC 15-20%

Aji John after Nallavan joins with Anoop Menon-Jayasurya combo mainly banking on Trivandrum Lodge effect in new movie HOTEL CALIFORNIA


I'm copying this part from INDIAGLITZ review as there are so many characters I forgot the names

It moves through the lives of many persons with the common link being a 'pushpak' flight from Mumbai to Kochy. It has on its board, Roshan (Krishna), the personal body guard of a Bollywood superstar, who is carrying the latter's  sperm to be delivered to Kamala Nambiar, who wants to deliver a child without the real physical interference of any male.  In the same flight is Aby Mathew(Shankar), a rich flirting businessman, who is ready to have a day out with a television star of his dreams ,Swapna Joseph(Dhwani). Tarun Singh(Saiju Kurup), the son of a politician convicted in 5G scam, is flying down to kochy to meet his online girl friend. And on the same flight' is his look-alike Rafeeq Ahamed(again Saiju Kurup), a poor NRI who is working as a 'carrier fly', carrying the pirated copy of yet to be released film of Supreme Star Premsagar (Anoop Menon), titled as ' Hotel California'. Outside the airport waiting for them is another big group starting from a bunch of self-procalimed terrorists lead by Nandulal to the local conman Airpot Gimmy(Jayasuriya) , who all needs to make money out of each of the deals offered by the men on the  plane.

Jayasurya repeats his Cocktail role even in dialogue delivery & costumes. If he was given comical shade the movie would have been much more entertaining. Anoop Menon once again repeats his trademark do-gooder clean man role once again. Shankar was funny with awesome BGM "Njanoru Vedan". Nandulal once again imitates Jagathy Sreekumar & fails wonderfully. P Balachandran was repetitive. Saiju Kurup was impressive & good. His hindi accent was awesome. His Rafeeq role was too innocent & realistic. Sukumari was good. Manikuttan was wasted. Sudheesh was fine in his limited role. Narayanankutty, Krishna, TV comedy stars were fine. Female artists had nothing much to do.

Here comes the show stealer JOJU GEORGE as BHARATHCHANDRAN IPS, the police commissioner. He made the scenes he appeared a scream with awesome expressions & dialogues. Awesome Work. Another comedy actor in the making.

Songs & BGM
Only one song, a rehashed version of "Anthimaanam" song from movie Chukkan.
BGM was another star of the movie - AWESOME work by Shaan Rahman. The best one was NJANORU VEDAN BGM for Shankar.

Cinematography by Jeethu Damodar was good. Editing could have been better. Art Direction was good.

Script & Direction
Story of the movie was a kind of old Priyadarsan movie - lots of confusions and interchange. A great plot to become a blockbuster stuff. But sadly script by Anoop Menon lacked the punch & funny elements at many parts to be a comedy movie. Many scenes were forced & many characters were created with confusions in writing itself I hope. Don't know what was Jayasurya's role to be - comic or serious or criminal??? If made into a full length comic one, movie would have taken a U turn to positive note. Dialogues were funny, mainly for Joju & Shankar. Many dialogues could have been avoided so that the movie would have been a clean family entertainer. Better luck next time.

Aji John after Nallavan once again proved direction is not his cup of tea. A director like Priyadarsan or Shafi would have taken this to a great entertainer. Aji  mainly focused on visuals rather than flow of the film. Screenplay saved the part to a great extent there. First half was dull with no much comic elements other than Joju's. Second half was far better with Joju & Shankar rocking. Still the movie fails to reach an average + status due to bad direction.

A movie like this need 3 things in my opinion - an entertaining script, good actors and a good director. In most parts, all three fails. When all works, its for Joju and Shankar parts only too. Rest was like 2-0 or 1-0.

Verdict : Timepass, if you go with zero expectation
BO Verdict : Average to flop

Anybody can try to be a Priyadarsan, but to compete with Priyadarsan one should become another Priyadarsan. Luckily or unluckily there is only one PRIYADARSAN. This film clearly proves how talented director Priyadarsan is once again to handle such plots in such a simple way and making big hits. If the script was given to Priyadarsan may be this year's blockbuster would have been this with his selection of starcast

Nandulal, please stop imitating Jagathy Sreekumar. In this movie you did the role which Jagathy did a hundred times. If the same was done by Jagathy even if again a hundred times again it won't make us feel bore, thats JAGATHY SREEKUMAR.

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