Friday, February 12, 2010



Theatre : Thyagaraja
Status : Balcony full, FC 80%
Showtime & Date : 11.45am, 12-02-2010

After the disasters SATHYAM & THORANAI, Puratchithalapathy Vishal & his brother's GK Films Corporation comes together for their fifth flick THEERATHA VILAYATTU PILLAI, which is marketed by SUN PICTURES, name known for minimum guarantee entertainers. This one too entertains us.

Karthik(Vishal), a lazy tad, only son of bank manager couples, wants everything best in his life, from a pen to his wife. So for choosing his best life partner, he falls in love with three girls at a time. One is Priya(Sarah John Dias), who has a policy in her life that she'll marry a person whom she falls in love with. Second one is Jyothi(Tanushree Dutta), who don't like men at all. Third one is Tejaswini(Neethu Chandra), who is a millionare's daughter & had a failed love affair in her life. Karthik falls in love with all three & towards interval Tejaswini comes to know about Karthik's intentions from her father. From then onwards the movie proceeds with how Tejaswini tries to tell truth to other two & how Karthik manages those & finally who will he marry is a simple predictable one but told interestingly on screen.

Vishal as Karthik had done justice to his role & he performed well. Towards the interval, Vishal's character had some grey shades too. The character that demands performance was of Neethu Chandra's, which she done justice, though it reminds us of Reema Sen in Vallavan at times. Among glamour show too, she leads. Sarah Jane Dias is just to look pretty on screen & looks different in different portions of the movie because of bad make up, I think. Tanushree Dutta was having a good role demanding some performance & she did it well to an extent. PrakashRaj as Tanushree Dutta's brother, who is a goon is good in his 3 scenes. Mouli as Vishal's father had done a good job. He rocks wih his dialogue modulation & expressions in limited scenes. Sathyan & Mayilsami as Vishal's friends did their part well. But it is Santhanam who rocks as Vishal's friend with his one liners & dialogues especially in first half. Sneha & Mallika Kapoor has nothing to do in their cameo.

Except second song "En Jannal Vandha", none of the songs by Yuvan Sankar Raja impresses & picturisation is bad & feels repeated. But the BGM was good with some good hummable theme music type ones, especially a violin music.

Cinematography was good, but Editing needs some trimming in second half as the length is 2hr 45 min. Action by Dhilip Subbarayan offers nothing new.

Script & Direction
Debutant Thiru's script is engaging one. Direction by Thiru has nothing special or new, but he was able to make the movie engaging & entertaining because of the script. The glamour show of the heroines, especially Neetu Chandra's could have been reduced. Also the length of the second half could have been reduced and it lacks the speed of first half. All the songs were below average & seems misplaced. Towards the climax, it became predictable, but the final scene made everything enjoyable. A good comedy first half & above average second half. On the whole, a good comeback for Vishal.

Verdict : Above Average
BO Verdict : Hit

SUN PICTURES's marketing will surely help this to be a hit. A better film from Vishal after flops Sathyam & Thoranai.